01. In our [haste] to leave for our camping trip, we actually forgot to bring our tent.
02. Don't do things so [hastily] or you'll make a lot of mistakes.
03. I think I was being a bit [hasty] when I told you I wasn't interested in the job because now I think it might be a good idea.
04. The President has tried to [hasten] passage of the bill through the House.
05. If we have to make a [hasty] exit, we'll just slip out the back door.
06. We had a [hasty] meal, and then left for the party.
07. Hannah kissed him [hastily] on the cheek, and left without saying a word.
08. You'd better make [haste] if you want to get to the show on time.
09. In her [haste] to catch her bus, she forgot her homework at home.
10. Don't make a [hasty] decision. Take your time and think about it.
11. They were bored at the party so they made a [hasty] departure.
12. Don't make a [hasty] decision; take your time, and think about it.
13. There is an old expression which observes that [haste] makes waste.
14. There is a Brazilian proverb which observes that [haste] is the mother of imperfection.
15. Henri Amiel once remarked, "Life is short. Be swift to love! Make [haste] to be kind!"
16. My father always told me not to be [hasty] when I do my homework.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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